At LNS, we offer programs for children from two years nine months to six years old.
Children are placed in classes according to age and stage of development, with an attempt to balance gender.

The classes offered, and the days and times each class meets, may vary each year to meet the needs of the children in each year’s group of applicants. Each classroom has a co-teaching team, supplemented by a parent-helper on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Studio Blue also has a parent helper on Mondays.

2.9 – 3Studio BlueM-Th9-12
3s & 4sStudio YellowM-Th9-12
4s & 5sStudio PurpleM-F9-12
5s & 6sStudio RedM-F*

*Studio Red:

Children in the 5-6 program are offered two options:
The half-day program:  9-12 Monday-Friday
Or the full program:  Mon/Tues/Thur 9-3 and Wed/Fri 9-12

Children who are 5 by Sept. 30 are required to attend the full day program:
Mon/Tues/Thur 9-3 and Wed/Fri 9-12

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our program for 5-6-year-olds.

Extended Day

LNS offers four extended day options on various days of the week which parents may sign up for daily or in advance on a contract-basis. 

Early Arrival

m – f

Children may be dropped off at school beginning at 8:00 every morning.
Daily Sign-Up Cost: $16/day 

Extended Playground

m – f

Children can continue to play on the playground until 12:30 p.m. Provides parents with some flexibility with pick-up time and is particularly helpful if you are running late.
Daily Sign-Up Cost: $10/day 

Lunch Bunch

m / t / th / f

Children continue to play on the playground until 12:30 and then have a group lunch* (brought from home) with their teachers and other children until 1:00 pm. Mixed ages.
Daily Sign-Up Cost: $16/day 

Stay and Play

m / t / th / f

Children play on the playground until 12:40, have a group lunch (nut-free, and brought from home) with their teachers and other children (mixed ages), followed by a 20 minute “rest period”. The remaining time is spent playing in a relaxed environment with materials and activities provided in response to children’s daily interests. Until 3:00 p.m. (pick-up is available beginning at 2:45 p.m.).
Daily Sign-Up Cost: $40/day 

Extended Day Contract Rates

Contract rates are discounted approximately 20% and are calculated based on the number of school days for any given day (e.g. there are fewer Mondays than Tuesdays, so Monday programs cost less on a contract basis).

Early Arrival
Extended Playground
Lunch Bunch
Stay & Play