Here is a PDF of the chords. JPEG attached below, too.

This has different hand motions depending on the age, as I’ve indicated.

Touch elbow with hand and wiggle fingers of hand whose elbow is being touched
Skidama rinka dinka dink,
Same motion, but opposite hands
Skidamara rinka doo,
For the next line:
Older children: “I” = point to eye, “love” = cross hands over chest or make a heart with fingers on chest, “you” = point to other person
Younger children: point to self, cross hands over chest, then point to other person
I love you.
Repeat all of the above

We make a sun with our fingers and hold them high for “morning,” then lower for “afternoon.”
I love you in the morning
And in the afternoon
I explain for “I love you in the evening” that we’re going to sleep. We press palms together and rest our cheek on them like we’re sleeping, then raise one of the hands, curved, overhead on “underneath the moon.”
I love you in the evening
And underneath the moon, oh
Back to beginning motions
Skidama rinka dinka dink,

Skidamara rinka doo, I love you.