Sam the Clam

By Mark Weltner

Oh I’m a clam clam clam in the sand sand sand           open and shut cupped hands
If you see a little hole, that’s where I am
                                                                        Look through “O” made with finger and thumb
And if you stomp around on top of the ground        stomp!
I might spit on you-ee, so watch out, patooee!
“Got me in the eye!”                                                  slap hand over eye
‘Cause I’m Sam the digging clam                                clam motion again

One day a little pup whose name was Scout                   hands up like paws
Tried to dig me up and pull me out.                             dig floor
He dug as fast as he could go but he was still too slow    dig faster!
‘Cause I’m Sam the digging clam.                                clam motion again

repeat first section