Bling Blang

by Woody Guthrie; I simplified it just a little to make it easier to learn to sing.

You get a hammer, I’ll get a nail
You catch a bird, I’ll catch a snail
You bring a board, I’ll bring a saw
We’ll build a house for the baby-o

Bling, Blang, hammer with my hammer
Zingo, Zango, cutting with my saw (repeat)

I’ll grab mud, you grab clay
So when it rains it won’t wash away
We’ll build a house that’ll be so strong
The winds will sing my baby a song

Bling, Blang…

You bring rocks, I’ll bring bricks
A nice pretty house we’ll build and fix
Jump inside when the cold wind blows
And kiss our little baby-o

Bling, Blang,…