Mrs. O’Leary

Apparently, in 1871, the Chicago fire started in the barn of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. Before teaching the children this song, I often explain that back then there was no electricity, no electric lights, and so people had to use lanterns with a candle in them to light their way, and that’s how all the trouble began!

Late last night, when we were all in bed      head resting on hands
Mrs. O’Leary hung a lantern in the shed      hold out lantern
And when the cow                                               forefingers as horns on head
kicked it over,                                                                    kick!
she winked her eye and said                                        wink!
There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight.        fan yourself
FIRE FIRE FIRE!                                                     wave hands in air 3 times