A Senior Moment

A group of senior citizens from The Commons came to school today to read to the children (One Snowy Night and Emily’s Snails). Studio Purple joined us. While we waited for everyone to arrive and get settled, Studio Blue sang Look Out the Window, and one of our visitors knew it and sang along!

After they left to read with Studios Yellow and Red, we resumed play. Here’s what Ellie and Livia chose to play in the baby area:

Ellie, bringing over chairs: We’re going to make the party all set. These are for the grandmas and grandpas.

Stella sits down in one of the chairs, and Ellie brings a summer book  to her: You can have this book. After taking a look at it, Stella sees that it is not hers, so she replaces it in the summer book area,  retrieves her own, and comes back to her chair to read it.

Livia walks by the table with her baby and accidentally tips the basket of books off the table. She begins cleaning it up and Ellie notices and the two of them work together to make it right. When they’re done, Ellie retrieves pillows from the reading area to put on the chair seats. Stella stands up so that Ellie can put one underneath her, which she does. Livia fixes a cushion that has fallen off.

It is almost time for cleanup, and Diane stops to ask what they are up to.

Livia We’re doing this thing because the grandpas and grandmas are coming.

So did you set up chairs?

Ellie Yeah, these are the chairs.

Where will the grandpas and grandmas sit?

Ellie points to the chairs, one at a time: That’s the grandpa’s, and that’s the grandma’s, and that is the grandma’s, and this is the grandma’s! She moves to the basket of blocks and felt: That’s the candy and these are the books (in the basket). That’s for the grandpa (a book) and this is for the grandma (another book). And these are the lollipops.

Having the seniors over was quite the event, and the addition of Studio Purple made it even more unusual. How cool that Ellie and Livia processed this event by reenacting it, and embraced Stella’s presence, too.

We are struck by the cooperative, even gracious, nature of this play – Livia and Ellie working together to fix up the fallen basket of books; create a nice soft place for the grandmas and grandpas to sit; Stella standing so that Ellie can place the cushion behind her; Ellie delivering a book to Stella; and all during this, Livia is caring for a baby.