What would you create…?

Children have been noticing the abundance of activity buzzing about the sculpture park in recent weeks. Several commented on the trucks and equipment that seemed to be a fixture just by the deCordova entrance for quite some time. We ventured over to that space to investigate and discovered a concrete base, much like the ones we’ve seen throughout the park that house the many sculptures we encounter.

Taking advantage of this blank canvas, we asked the children,

“What would you create if you could make
the sculpture for this new space in the park?”

We would build hearts. – KYLA

ALEX – I would build a race car – a monkey driving the race car.

A doggie. – SAM

EVA – I would make a rainbow.
I would make a Superhero -Superman. – KAYA

CHARLIE – I would make a bulldog. 

A sculpture of glass.  URSULA

LEA – Rainbow.

I would make a sculpture of grass. – WILL

MIKA – A tree.
You can make a sculpture with trees. – CHARLIE

Returning to the studio the children set about this task, drawing exactly what they envisioned they would put in this new space.

Do you know when I have an idea I scribble and make it into my idea?


Mika - "That's me climbing on top of the tree."
Amelia - "Heart earrings and a glass in a box."
Tessa - "A rainbow on yellow base and a flower sun."
Kieran - "Two spiders dancing. Those are monsters scaring all those spiders. Five spiders."
Thomas - "A whole place of dinosaurs. All the dinosaurs are dead in dino world. A long time ago."