Studio Yellow, Week 31

For those of you who may not have heard about the latest talent to hit the music scene, we wanted to open up this week’s blog by introducing Chris Blanchfield performing his original, “I Love My Carrots.”

Next up is the Kaplan family performing a fan favorite tribute to May Day – “Here’s a Branch of Snowy May,” while simultaneously dancing around the May Pole.

With the warmer weather we are witnessing you all having so much fun outdoors. 

There is certainly a lot of hard work happening as well!

Nothing like the feeling of ooey gooey paint, shaving foam, mud and water between the fingers and toes!

We see you dressing up in all sorts of fancy outfits.  We even have a hair dresser among us!

It’s such an exciting time on the farm! Nina welcomed some baby goslings that hatched this week. They are patiently waiting the arrival of even more goslings as they watch another nest full of eggs nearby. She’s also been spending time outside looking after her beloved cows


The baby bunnies have arrived at Sue’s house! Their mother comes to feed them and make sure they are safe every morning and evening. We thought you would enjoy seeing what they looked the day after they were born. They’re growing so quickly – we’ll have new pictures and videos of how big they are getting when we see you at our next Zoom meeting on Tuesday.