Rainbows expanded

Reflecting on our documentation we have observed that all the enthusiasm around rainbows is focussed on the colors contained within them.  We decided to create a Studio Yellow rainbow wall designed by the children.   

Amongst the children there was some debate as to the order of the colors in the rainbow.  A vote was necessary to decide whether a rainbow ‘starts’ with red or purple.

All this focus on rainbows inspired the children to alert the group each time they spotted a rainbow color.  To this end we decided to pose a challenge on our nature walk.  Find all the colors of the rainbow in as many places as as we could.  When possible we could gather these items to hang on the wall otherwise we would photograph our findings and showcase these pictures on the corresponding color.

We are slowly accumulating a wide array of vividly colored items for our wall. Our work continues as we search for even more varied and intriguing additions.