Studio Red: week 1

Our first three days were filled with learning and teaching, with play and joyful discoveries. Together we began figuring out our new routines, for both our long and shorter days. We introduced ourselves and greeted the many creatures that inhabit our studio and surrounding environment!

We invite you to share this newsletter with your child. We envision it as a tool for reflective conversation. We hope our stories and questions will create opportunities for you to learn together.

“We do not learn from experience… 

we learn from reflecting on experience.”  

John Dewey



How can we use zip ties to attach sticks to wire?

What do we notice as we break things apart?

What happens when we paint side by side?

How can we tell stories here?

What happens when color and paper meet?

How can these parts come together?

What happens when sand and water play together?

Will we find food for the toad in the garden?


We projected the photo below on our screen and asked the group,

What is happening here?

During another gathering we watched a silent video together to learn more about monarchs.  As we watched, we shared our working theories about what was taking place.

What do you see?

“When I put water on the sand it disappears.  I put water and it gets deeper.”  WILL

“Water melts sand. It’s a brown sugar machine.”  THOMAS


This week we read two books aloud and spent time reading the pictures in our summer books and non-fiction books all about frogs, toads, monarchs, snakes, worms, and bees.


This week we played Simon Says and took turns copying each other’s motions.  We passed a ball around a circle to introduce ourselves to the whole group.  Outside, Caroline organized a group game of What Time Is It Mr. Fox?


We played in our front courtyard and went out to the sculpture park to climb rocks and trees and explore Tents and Turrets by artist Leeza Meksin.

What did it feel like to be inside?


What did your line become?


We attempted to picnic outside, but we were visited by two bees.  Together we relocated to Studio Blue.  After lunch we learned our rest routine.  Children settled in pairs around the room, unfolding their mats and helping each other make the bed.  Whispering quietly or laying silently, children drew on paper, getting up to get tools from a shared tool table.