Studio Red: daily do & draw 6/5

Dear Studio Red,

Do you remember how we played with bags of mystery materials in Studio Red during Story Workshop?  Each of you found a place to play at a table and reached into the bag to find what materials were hidden inside!  Today we are going to invite you to create your own bag for story play!

Love, Lauri and Emily

Here are some images to help you remember this play!

do & draw


Which materials will you choose?

In the video below, Emily invites you to follow some steps to choose materials and create your story bag.
In the video below, Emily shows you what’s in her bag!

As we play with the same materials over time we get to know them really well.  We begin to envision new ways to play with them and these new ideas is what makes the play fun!  Sometimes though, we can feel stuck.  Playing with materials in the same way can feel boring.  This is a challenge all learners and players must solve.  How do we create fun again?  How do we begin to play?  Today we share one strategy for getting unstuck!  It is a tool to help inspire new kinds of play, to find new fun.

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A note for parents:

Engaging in the collecting and choosing is often fun for children.  However, if your child is not interested, we invite you to use this strategy to support their continued play!  Offering materials in a different context creates constraints that can lead to further creativity and discovery.  This practice can reengage children when they may disengage from materials and toys they are often playing with at home.  We expect that this may especially be happening during this extended time at home.  Often, children will engage in this strategy themselves, moving toys and materials into new contexts and combinations!

This can create an opportunity to engage children in conversations of quantity and attributes as well as story parts (character, setting, action, problems, etc).


How will you draw to extend your play?

Do you want to create and then draw your story?


Do you want to draw or write a list of all the story parts in your bag?


Do you want to draw on a piece of paper to add detail to the setting of your story?