Studio Red: daily do & draw 5/29

Dear Studio Red,

Rocks are everywhere!  We find them as we walk through the woods, through our yards and along our sidewalks in cities and towns.  Today we invite you to think about how rocks effect the way we move.  When a rock crosses your path, how will you respond?

Love, Lauri and Emily

do & draw


How do rocks invite us to move our feet?


How can a map show the movement of your feet on rocks?

Think about your recent walks in the woods or when we encountered rocks in Studio Red.

Did the rocks make you jump, leap or climb? 

 Look at the photographs above and notice those feet!  

Choose a symbol to represent your feet.  Below are some ways that other people have created feet symbols.  If you choose to make your map in the driveway with chalk, you could even trace your feet!  They do not need to be complicated.  Even an X can mark a foot. 

Act out your movement to help you remember.  Mark your feet with a small object (maybe a small rock) to record the placement and then mark it on your map. 

How might arrows and numbers help others to see the movements of your feet?

You can even try out the maps below!