“Slugs, slugs to see!”

"We're making a habitat. It's their home." -Brooke

Looking closely in the garden, children are finding slugs!  Over the past few weeks a small group of slug investigators has grown larger and their project more elaborate.  This past week, searching in the garden led to a slug parade and a last iteration of a habitat created on a plank of wood.

"Slugs coming through! Slugs to see!"


“It’s food.” – Brooke

“It’s dinner time!” – Beatrice

“Dinner for the slugs, I’ve got some dinner for the slugs.” – Lyla

“Yep, get all the gross stuff like this and beans.” – Beatrice

“Yeah, that’s a lot.”  – Chester

“Dinner time for the slugs.  Don’t let the slugs dinner go.  I don’t want the slugs to fall.” – Brooke

"Bea, you have to hold it not too high." - Arya

And then, a place to rest and create anew…

"One, two, three, four, five, six . . . I thought we had seven. Where is the other one?" - Maren

"Can you hunt for more beans?" - Arya

"Maren, is this a slug?" - Beatrice

"I smashed this [eggplant] and one came out." - Maren

"Should I go get a book about it?" - Lyla

“Slugs eat decaying plants,” Emily reads. 

"What is decaying?" - Graeme

"Emily, how do you write slug habitat people?" - Graeme

I'm writing J for Jane because she's driving that [rickshaw]. Next is A for Arya." - Brooke

Back to the garden for now. . .
Observing closely, children make predictions, discover new information, ask questions, and envision possibilities — possible ways of engaging, creating, and learning more.