Questions overheard and overseen

Questions are the foundation of inquiry.   Inquiry is the foundation of learning.

How many jumps have we jumped all together?



That makes ten!

And nine is nineteen!

Who might we find when we dig in the garden? What is this?

I think he has no bones cuz he’s clear.  

Maybe we can find him in a book.

How can we make a treasure box for our cardboard boat? How can we make a flat piece become three dimensional?

Should we color them with yellow, right? 

Or you could just find yellow pieces.

I’m making a rainbow key for the box.

I’m making the locks.

We need one more wall.

How can I read this upside down? What sounds do these letters make?

What does it say now? 

Let’s add a Y!

What does the G say again?

Why is this puzzle so hard?

This is so hard.

This is too hard.

We can’t do it.

I want to get it.

Okay, I’ll just try a new way like this so those touch.  I’ll make a bigger triangle like this. 

Now I want to follow yours.

What did I create?

Look!  I don’t know what it is!

How can I send a letter?

Which one is Charlotte’s address?

I can’t find Sofia.  Is this your name?  

I need to make a stamp.  

“Ruby From Avery.”  Wait.  No, I mean it is from me.