making memories of Studio Red

With our year coming to an end, we have been inviting children to understand this transition and the many different feelings it may bring. This past week we hung transparent sleeves on our clips and provided small paper cards for the children to save memories of their experience in Studio Red. This has fostered conversations around the table. As children write and draw, they reflect on their year together. We teachers continue to learn what stands out to each child as they think of memories in both the recent and more distant past. Though it is difficult to know what memories will stay with us, the simple act of pausing to take note, fosters gratitude. With gratitude comes a sense of peace.

I always want to remember the birdies.  helen

Okay, so this is how you write it.  This is outside.  nico

I know another to draw!  I’ve been thinking a lot.  True stories!  it has fiber people, choices, one with words, and our true stories.  Oh!  I know!  Our boat!  The clock!  avia

These are May Day and Family Day.  sophie

Next I want to write fiber people.  alex

I’m making when we are in a circle making choices.  Can you help me write choices?  avia

I’m drawing the day when we get popsicles.  What did we call it? May Day!  ruby

This is painting.  ruby

Do you know why I’m coloring a memory all red?  Because that’s my studio memory.  I’m in Studio Red.  sophie

This is us hammering the purple rock!  ruby