“It looks like we could climb on it.”

As we began to research the work of Sheila Pepe, the children noted that the installation “looked like we could climb on it!”  The configuration of the shoelaces, rope and yarn created placement for our feet and hands.  In the museum, we laid on our backs and pretended to climb along the work that was installed above our heads. 

Likewise, our installation evokes the desire to climb.  So we have begun to explore how we might do just that.  Knowing that we are “too big” and that there are “too many holes” in our installation, we will be creating fiber likenesses of ourselves. These fiber “selves” will be able to climb and pose along our installation.  They can do anything we can do!


Below is a look at our process thus far.

Step one:  Create a pose either with our own body or a mannequin.

Step Two:  Draw the installation line with yarn.

Step 3:  Draw yourself on the installation.

I think I'm going to be upside down with my knees bent over. My head is hanging down with my hair. VIOLET
Stand on my head and arms with bent knees. NICO
SOPHIE with arms up on one straight leg and one lifted leg.
AVERY, on her belly with her head and feet touching.
ELEANOR, hanging from her feet.
ALEX, straddling two fibers with an extended leg.
SOFIA, jumping on the installation.
Hanging, I want to be high. Hang by one hand like Superman. MARK
Walking on the installation. AVIA
Hanging down from my knees. HELEN
Hang by one finger one each hand. ELLIOTT
Hang by feet and arms hanging down. CALLEN
Stand on two lines with a line in between. PARKER
Climb around, just like this. It will be easier if I climb on many lines to stay on. And go everywhere across. CHARLOTTE
Forward roll. RUBY