alphabets all around

Looking closely at the wood chips, Brooke began finding letters. Each time she encountered another possible letter, she brought the piece to Lauri and they saved it in a bowl. This week, we invited others to help Brooke with her project.

Could we create an alphabet with wood chips?

We sort, we find, we arrange, we glue!

 We have an E!  CHARLIE then creates a Z.

That’s a backwards Z, Charlie.  BEATRICE

We have a G for giraffe. BIRDIE

Do we have a K? CHARLIE

I’m looking for a W. I need 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 lines. Two long and two short.  I was kind to give Sevi and Charlie a card.  BIRDIE

F! /f/ /f/ /f/! F! /f/ /f/ /f/! RAY

I found a short line! BIRDIE

I found a long line! CHARLIE

Not that long.  BIRDIE

I found one. SEVI

Sevi, that’s perfect! BIRDIE

This line, this line and this line.  SEVI

I made the J! The little one.  This is the dot.  RAY

I need to measure it.  BIRDIE

Birdie, is it supposed to go that way?  SEVI

I’m done with the N! BEATRICE

Charlie, I made the V.  SEVI

It is too small, you have to measure it. CHARLIE

It is no matter. It can be small.  SEVI

Well then, you have to put the card so we know it’s done.  CHARLIE

“You couldn’t use just one piece. I made a B. It was tricky, but not too tricky. A big curve and a little curve. It was hard to find one last bump.”