“That’s like a door…”

While inspired by our recent visit to Saul Melman’s Best of All Possible Worlds piece featuring doors, it’s interesting to note that we’ve gravitated to thinking about this particular feature of houses.  Why do we have doors anyways?

“To not let the rain and the thunderstorms in or your pets out!” 


“It’s fine if there’s no door inside but not fine if there’s no door for outside.” 


“If you didn’t have a door, you couldn’t come outside or inside.” 


This small group visited the park and museum in search of doors.  In doing so, we wondered aloud about them and just what makes a door, a door.  The children were given cameras in which to document the many doors they encountered…

"How 'bout the cafe doors?" -Margo "What about car doors? -Quinn
"They have these handles instead of door knobs." -Margot
"That one's better. It can only fit only one person." -Callen
What about chipmunk holes? "Yeah, they have a front door and a back door." -Quinn "Let's take a picture of the hole!" -Eleanor
"That's like a door but the only thing it doesn't do is close!" -Margot
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Soon we will be closing the door to our Studio Purple classroom.  While this can bring some sadness, especially to the adults, it’s hopeful to remember this often heard sentiment, When one door closes, another opens…

What awaits us behind these new doors?

Studio Red
Lincoln Public

We asked this very question to your child and they drew what they imagined they might find behind these new doors next year.  Be sure to check them out in your final bag home!