“I’m so excited to see her shadows that she made!” (part 2)

Another small group made their way to the museum the following day.  On the walk up, we, too, couldn’t help but notice the shadows all around us.

“I want to see my shadow!…But not in the shade right here…You see your shadow in the sun.”  CASE


“You can see them right here. You see it moving?”  CHARLIE N.




“It will come back when we’re in the sun.”  CASE

Upon entering the exhibit, the children were careful to observe everything, always being mindful of the shadows.

“A shadow.”  CASE

“I can see a little shadow around the edge of it.  Right here.” ADDIE

“It’s the same one.”  CASE

As we reached the top floor, Case turned around and noticed Sheila’s piece that was hanging above the stairs.



“Oh I just turned around and looked at it and that’s when I realized it…’cause I really like it. It kinda looks like a spiderweb.”  CASE

The children messed about with like materials that we brought with us.  There was a lot of knotting and we wondered if Sheila had made knots too.  Then, we rounded the corner…

“It reminds me of a spiderweb.”  CASE

“It looks like a spiderweb to me too.”  CHARLIE N.

“Spider web.”  ADDIE

Our search for shadows carried on.  Soon, we began to make our own shadows, with our art and our bodies.  It seems we were drawing with shadows, just like Sheila!



“Mine makes a shadow!” CASE

“There’s actually tons of shadows all over the place here.”  CHARLIE N.