Here Comes Mouse

Here Comes Mouse    by Mark Weltner (to the tune of Little Brown Jug)

Gross motor skills, math


  • Here comes mouse, she can’t wait
    Jump and open up the gate.
    Bend down low, watch her go.
    Jump it closed and stand up straight
    Repeat above, replacing mouse with cat, dog, and cow.


I like the stretch this gives, and the feedback of the jump.

Here, the children experience size in a concrete way. When I introduce it to the children, I see them really thinking about how big a mouse, cat, and dog might be – just how big an opening they’d have to make. And cow brings more of a silly element to it, plus giving another kind of stretch.

One day I switched the animals to food: noodle, sandwich, cake and refrigerator.

Another day I switched them to minnow, catfish, octopus and sea cow (manatee)