This is The Same

On Thursday afternoon, Wesley and Livia were quite interested in spending time together.  Livia, Livia want to color with me? My favorite color is this! Wesley shows Livia the yellow crayon, and draws sweeping strokes across his paper. Livia watches Wesley and then begins to draw. My favorite color is green!

Wesley makes a discovery! Look Livia! These are same! I want to use this color! Wesley tries the different shaped yellow. Then he adds some red.

Livia focuses on drawing with her green crayon and then adds more colors. Livia, Livia Livia! Wesley excitedly holds his picture up and holds it closer and closer to Livia so that she will look. She does!

Livia takes the rock crayons out of the container and puts them in a pile. That’s red, that’s pink and that’s purple and thats’s blue. Wesley takes out the other shaped crayons and starts to match them. This is the same! Same  same same! Is this the same Livia? Livia thinks about it, No, that is darker.

Wesley and Livia work together matching the colors and Wesley lines them up in a row. Some are a match and some require more conversation as to whether it is the same. It is decided that the shades of pink are the same, but the very light purple and dark purple are not the same. Wesley and Livia admire their matches and leave the other crayons in the container.  

Want to play with squirrels now, Livia?  Livia  Yes!