I’m Making a Pattern

An assortment of white, silver and clear beads of various shapes and sizes were offered at the round table. The children used sparkly, silver pipes cleaners to make icicles, jewelry for animals, bandages to fix broken wings, and to add wings to a construction vehicle so that it could fly!


Ada   I’m making a pattern, big little, big little, no actually little big, little big, little big. Oops some of the little ones are in here. They got mixed up!

Hannah and Margot rush over, Hannah exclaims, Batwing has a broken wing! They devise an invention to mend Batwings broken wing. Then Hannah decides to make her penguin two bracelets, She already has one, I’m going to make two, one for this wing and one for this wing. Now one for her neck, oh it needs to be a little longer to fit around her neck. Henry offers a suggestion to his sister, Hannah. You can put two together, and twist them like this. I need it long, so I put two together, see? Ada adds, Tie it together, like this. Hannah, Alright!






Sam explains his idea I need this on here (inside and then around the front digger)    I want beads on it. Sam works on beading until he is satisfied, and then asks for help to twist it tightly around the shovel. Seeing that it makes it unbalanced, Sam says I want another one, then it will be like wings! 

Next week we look forward to more inventions!