Boom Chicka Boom

Boom Chicka Boom    by Peter and Ellen Allard

Literacy, self-regulation

Lyrics: (call and response)

  • I say boom chicka boom      (children repeat: I say boom chicka boom)
    I say boom chicka boom
    I say boom chicka rocka chicka rocka chicka boom
    Oh yeah,      (I raise hands here)
    Uh huh,        (and lower hands here)
    Next time,
    (A little softer/louder/slower/faster/with an L, etc.)

  • (on the last time say: “Next time, THE END!”)


I added a literacy element by changing the first sound of “boom chicka boom” to start with a given letter sound: “Next time, with an L.” (you could show them the letter L, too).

  • I say loom licka loom…
    I say loom licka locka licka locka licka loom
    Oh yeah,
    Uh huh,
    Next time…

I’ve found that good letters for substituting are: D, Z, R, L, T, G, R, B, Sh, N, P, V
I usually do three letters in each class.