What Do We Know About Campfires?

Jack makes a campfire with tree blocks and Ellie joins him. They work together (above photo).

Jack makes a campfire with playdough and sticks. 

When reading Big Red Barn (Margaret Wise Brown) Jack points to the roots of the cornstalks and says they are campfires.

At meeting we show the two photographs and ask:

What do we know about campfires?

Ellie Campfires from a sleepover.
Jack My dad lighted up – my mom lighted up. My mom lights campfires.
Wesley We do that fire, we do this.
Stella We don’t do our campfires right now cause we only do our campfires when it’s Christmas.

Fire can be a powerful concept, connected to the comfort of birthday candles as well as to the danger of being burned. On Thursday we had a fire drill, explaining to the children that we were practicing, in case there were smoke or a fire in the classroom. There was no sound or alarm for this drill; we simply walked to the silver car and back, counting the children. We told them that firefighters always walk (in the fire station – this is true!).