Taking Care of a Tiger

Jack crawls into an opening in the flex cabinet.

Jamie notices and tries to get in too.

There isn’t enough room, and Jack pokes out his foot to keep Jamie from crawling in.

Mark comes by and asks what Jack is up to. Jack explains he’s a tiger. He’s in his cave.

Jamie would like a turn in the cave, too, and asks Jack if he can have a turn when Jack is done. Jack is not done being a tiger, and not done with the cave.

At this point, Ellie comes by and notices Jack the tiger in his cave.

Mark anticipates that the tiger may be feeling uncomfortable with Jamie and Ellie’s close presence.

But then Ellie takes a puzzle piece off the top of the cabinet and gives it to Jack.

What is it? Mark asks. Ellie explains: it is a cookie for the tiger.

Jamie gets a cookie and gives it to Jack, too.

Ellie and Jamie continue with this until all the puzzle pieces are given to the tiger, who seems pleased.

Now Ellie reads a book to the tiger, Nighty Night, Little Green Monster.

Ellie, Jamie and the tiger talk to each other for a few minutes, and then Ellie goes to the drawing table and draws a picture while Jack and Jamie work together to put the “cookie” puzzle back together.

Ellie brings it over to the tiger – she had drawn a picture of him!