Bugs Everywhere!

Bugs Everywhere!

Bugs have become a fascination in Studio Blue. The discovery of a tiny visitor inside the studio creates excitement and lots of curious children and adults gather around. After some observation, an adult will carefully bring the creature outside where it came from. When we are out in the playground, the reaction is similar and then often followed by discussion and activity around how to take care of these teeny tiny bugs.

To further explore this interest, we provided some pretend insects and arachnids in our sensory tables, along with some sand and scoops. We heard many questions being asked; the children were wondering what kinds of creatures they were playing with. We suggested that they may find answers to these questions in our studio's naturalist field guides, given to us by Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. These guides have been used by the children both inside the studio and outside at the playground.

When Kesler played here in the sand, he suggested that we needed a spiderweb for the spiders to climb on. So, we added this grid form as an option. 

In response to their interest in spiderwebs, we then offered the children a new provocation. Moving the sensory table over to the area with hooks and gears, Mark created a new set up on this table, adding hooks and rubber bands. We brought the insects over to this area for the children to explore.  

Chris: How do I make a spiderweb? I could tangle these up…

Kesler: There’s a mosquito. Zzzzzzzzzzz. It has a mouth. It bites.  

Kesler then used some tinker toys to create this mosquito. 

Jamie flies two insects around Studio Blue.


Jamie: A fire bug is going to sting them away!

We also added a large poster of spiders and arachnids on the wall behind this table and offered the children cards with photos from the poster to match and/or play with. 

"The most beautiful gift of nature is that it gives one pleasure to look around and try to comprehend what we see."

Albert Einstein