“I found one! One more slug!” Sevi

Over the last few weeks small groups of children have continued to investigate the slugs in Studio Red. As they search for the slugs, set up habitats on trays, and watch them move over rocks and under bark, these children have been asking questions.

Where are they?

Are they sleeping?

What kind of slugs will come out of the eggs?

Are they babies?

How do they eat?

Do they need more water?

Do they want to go back with their parents?

This week we focused in together on one question.

How many slugs do we have?

We look, we count, we add, we record.

We share our work with the whole group.

Our small group counted nineteen slugs.  But another small group counted more.  Ray and Sevi.  Lyla

We counted to twenty-three.  Ray

We found four slugs.  Sevi

These ones are not counted and these are counted. Cuz we don’t want to count them again.  Arya

Why did you say not counted?  Charlie

See? N-O-T.  Lyla

We need it counted to go in here.  Arya

Like our work folders, not done and done.  Lauri

Does that make more sense to you Charlie?  Graeme

Yeah, but then how come Ray and Sevi took from there? Charlie, pointing to the “counted” jar.

Did you guys count this one?  Lyla

Yeah.  Ray

And then put them in there.  Beatrice

And the following day we continue the count.

I made another ten.  Now we have twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten.  Ray

To be continued...