Studio Red: programming for 5-6-year-olds

In response to years of parents asking, “Can my child stay another year at LNS?” we took the leap in 2017!

What happens in Studio Red at Lincoln Nursery School?

Our curriculum is constructed alongside the children, evolving through their play. In play, children are scientists, constructing understandings of their physical and social worlds. They observe, question, construct theories, and experiment in an ever expanding network of relationships with family, peers, and teachers. In this way, science and social studies permeate our studio space as we reflect together and construct shared understandings of our environment, materials, and community. 

We recognize mathematics and literacy as two of the many languages children use to construct understandings and express what they have learned, what they believe, and what they feel. And so, just as we expect children to make meaning with clay or paint, so too do they approach math and literacy through play, providing a natural context where the why, how, and what of learning coincide. It is then our role, as teachers, to challenge their thinking and offer strategies to scaffold their endeavors.

We honor the pace of childhood. We understand that while all children grow and develop in similar patterns, each child develops at her or his own pace. We respect each child’s interests, approaches to learning, and ways of being.

The schedule is two short days (Wednesday and Friday) 9:00 – 12:00
and three longer days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) 9:00 – 3:00.

Children who are 5 by Sept. 30 are required to attend the longer day program; this program is optional for younger children.