A Responsive Music and Movement Curriculum

Please take a few minutes to hear how I engage children in music and movement (this will help when clicking on the activities). Then browse around until you find something that speaks to you. Feel free to play with it, making it work for you. Then, when you bring it to the children, they will experience your joy. Where there is joy, there is connection, and community is strengthened. When you explore a song deeply, both in preparing it yourself and in discussion and experimentation with the children, you doubly benefit by addressing unexpected standards. Enjoy!

I've been using storytelling to introduce songs this year, too (in my class of children aged 3.6 to 2.9). I tell the story and sing the song with the children at school, and then post it so they can see/hear it again at home, and also so they can share their experience with their parents/caregivers. In the case of Under One Sky, I posted it to the whole preschool.

Frog Named Tiny Tim - traditional

Sailor Song - traditional

What Makes the Fire - Mark Weltner

Under One Sky - Ruth Pelham; I posted this on the weekend of Indigenous People's Day

Where's My Pajamas? - Pete Seeger

Wish They'd Find a Home - Anna Moo

Need something specific? This chart may be of use.