How do children-in-residence encounter deCordova?

How do children-in-residence encounter deCordova? 

This is a question the teachers in collaboration with our liaisons from deCordova’s Learning and Engagement staff will pursue as a project throughout this year. We’ve developed a range of questions to help guide our research.

What are the children drawn to?

What attracts their movements (whole body or hands), intriguing and stimulating them, and how?

How do children experience changes to the park, new sculptures arriving and familiar sculptures leaving?

What is our role in familiarizing children with members of the deCordova community?

What ‘rituals” provide children with a sense of place?

How do children experience surprises?

How do children experience the museum? (people, spaces, light, sound…)

How can children’s experiences of deCordova inform staff and visitors? (help them look/engage more deeply and expansively)

How do children influence the LNS/deCordova partnership?

How do children give life to the space?

Children in Studio Blue saw a picture of Humming during morning meeting. They were excited to spot it through the fence. Mark and Diane now intend to bring the children to the sculpture.