Studio Red

Studio Red: week 35

Dear Studio Red, Thank you for a year filled with so much joy and discovery.  Thank you for a year filled with so many questions posed and problems

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Studio Red: week 34

Dear Studio Red, It was so lovely to see many again this week during our meetings!   We thought about rocks all week long through our Do and Draws.Our

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Welcome to Studio Red!

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MADAN (snack)

Studio Red


Please respect my teaching by not playing other classes’ songs to your child – thanks! (Of course, if you have siblings in other classes this is unavoidable and totally fine)

Songs in our repertoire:

3 Little Hot Dogs

A B Squeeze

ABC Karen’s Version


Alligator Pit

Ants Go Marching

Bubble Gum (nickel)

Come On a Walk

Draw the Circle Wide

Elephant In My Shoe

Foolish Frog

Form the Corn

Frog Named Tiny Tim

Goodbye Song

Guacamole Dance

Hickory Dickory Dock

I Am a Bud

I Am a Pizza

I Can See Clearly Now 

I Clap My Hands

I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

I Don’t Want To Live On the Moon

I Wish I Were

I’m a Little Cookie

If I Knew You Were Coming

If You Want To Sing Out Sing Out

Inch By Inch

Let’s Work Together

Look Out the Window

Magic Penny

May There Always Be Sunshine

Movie Star

Mrs. O’Leary

My Favorite Flower

My Favorite Things

Mysterious Fishtank

No More Pie

Old Oak Tree

On Top of Spaghetti

Ooh Ooh

Open Shut Them


Peace Like a River

Pirate Song


Puff the Magic Dragon

Put a Little Love In Your Heart

Quiet Poem (sign language)

Rainbow Round Me

Rattlin’ Bog


Row Row Row

Sam the Clam

Shake It All Over Town

Sometimes I Feel Like Growling

State Laughs

Table Manners


Time To Move On

Under One Sky

Unicorn Song

Up Goes the Castle

Walking Down the Line

We All Need More Kindness In This World

We’ve Got the Whole World

What Makes the Fire

When I First Came To This Hole

When I First Came To This Land

Where’s My Pajamas?

Windy Day

Wish They’d Find a Home

You Gotta Sing When the Spirit Says Sing

Zip Zip Bam