Pretend I’m the Mom

Pretend I’m the Mom

Lila and Livia both spend lots of time playing with the baby dolls. Lila is especially fond of this smaller baby doll while Livia seems to enjoy taking care of all of the babies at different times. On this day, Lila and Livia found each other - two new moms connecting, helping each other out in times of need, and developing the beginnings of a wonderful friendship.

Livia:  My baby keeps crying.

Lila: Ok, so, almost time for calling me, so you will go for a walk.

Livia: Well I’m just putting my baby to bed. Take care of my baby. 

Lila: Why?

Livia: Because he’s gonna take a nap in his car seat. Bye baby!

Lila: Are you going for a walk?

Livia: I am going for a walk. 

Livia goes for a walk and soon returns with a new baby in her arms. 

Livia: Here is your baby.

Lila takes the baby that Livia has brought over to her and hugs her. Uh oh!

Livia: Did you take care of the baby?

Lila: No. I just called somebody. I was calling someone.

Livia: My baby keeps crying. 

Lila: My baby keeps crying.

Livia: Let’s go for a walk. Let’s go home.

Lila: Let’s go home.

The girls take their babies and head over to the baby area. 

Lila: Is she sick?
Lila notices the photos on the wall and spots herself with her baby doll. Look it! Me taking care of my babies!

Livia: Pretend I’m the mom and you’re the big sister. Ok?

Lila: No. No. I’m the mom and I’m taking care of the sister.

Livia: No, I’m the mom. No, I’m the mom because I make sure people don’t get sick. Ok? It’s time to go to bed.

Lila: I’m putting all the balls in. Lila rushes over. No, that’s my baby!

Livia: Well, I'm putting a blanket on her.
Lila: Cover him up, ok?
Livia: Cover him up?
Lila: Yea.

Livia: Ok. So first I have to put him on the table…

Lila: And then I put it on the seat seat. No, you put it on the baby. Don’t do it that!

Livia: Actually this is the way I do it.

Lila: Why?

Livia: Because I do it like this.

Lila takes her baby back now and gives her a big hug. She makes the sound of a crying baby and looks towards Livia. 

Lila: Your baby’s still crying! 

The girls continue caring for their babies together. They take them to the doctor, the hospital and back home again. Once they arrive back home, Lila has an idea…

Lila: Let's read a book for our babies. Do you have this book at home?
Livia: That one, no. Well, I have a duck one at home and it says 'Quack Quack'!

Both girls laugh. 

Livia: Do you want to come to my house one time? 

Lila giggles and nods her head yes. 

With her baby all wrapped up next to her, Lila begins to read aloud from her book. 

One day a piggie was singing. And she was eating with his mama. But the three little pigs...  

To all Mothers out there
- both Real and Pretend -
Happy Mother's Day!